For people that know that want to travel but don't know where to. For people that want to get up and go, Flightr is there for you. Just tell Flightr where you are flying out of and when and let Flightr handle it from there. Swipe on destinations to create your own, person list of destinations.
Flight data and booking powered by Kiwi
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Using Flightr is easy and simple to do! On the main search screen, just click and type where you would like to leave out of. This can be a major city or airport code. If you hit the arrow button underneath, instead of picking where you are leaving from you can now put where you want to arrive.

After you’ve chosen your departure or destination, you should pick the departure and return dates. Clicking on the field with cause a calendar to popup. Once you’ve chosen your dates, click the search button to begin on your journey!

Once the search is complete, you will be presented with travel cards. These cards feature the destination and a photo of the destination. If you like that destination and want to read more on the flight, swipe right on the card. If you do not and want to skip it, swipe left – it’s that simple!

Clicking on the menu icon will open the menu so you can see your liked flights. Opening the liked flights screen will display a list of those flights and clicking on the flight will open more details about it. On the majority of flights you will be presented with a flight tab and a city information tab. The flight tab will display the flight details for the departure and return flights and what airlines are providing the flights. The city information tab will display information on the destination city. Clicking the book button will take you to a powered booking screen.


Will there be an iOS version?

Possibly in the near future based off usage rate.

Why can’t I save flights permanently?

Flights are not saved permanently since the prices change so often. If the flights were saved there would be no way to tell if the price was correct unless you went to book the flight.

There was an issue with my flight, who do I contact?

Please contact Kiwi for anything related to your flight. Flightr does not handle the booking or tickets.

Sometimes a flight price is wrong – why is that?

There are two reasons prices could be wrong – the flight price has increased during the time frame of looking up the route and booking it OR the cache is out of date. Flights are cached to help with server load and flight lookups. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that.

Do you receive commissions off of a flight booking thru Flightr?

Yes, I receive a small percentage of all bookings made thru Flightr.